Curators: Nikola Kusovac and Slavica Batos

A retrospective exhibition of paintings by Ljuba Popović (1934-2016) will be displayed at the SASA Gallery of Visual Arts and Music.

Academician Ljuba Popović, one of the most prominent names of Serbian as well as French art scene, was born in Tuzla but he spent his childhood in Valjevo, whereas he graduated in painting from the Academy of Visual Arts in Belgrade. He moved to Paris in 1963. He was a member of a group Mediala.

His paintings are on display in the most prestigious museums, galleries and private collections. On one occasion he stated: ‘Paintings have a destiny of their own, which cannot be changed, what’s more it is illusory to even think about it. The only thing that matters is that enchanting energy emanating from them which leaves marks both on the life of an artist and the life of a collector.’

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