28.03.2016 //
Kristin Holland, student from the Norwegian Labor Union Folk High School, had a “short and sweet” internship at the Embassy and would like to come back sometime soon.

As a student at “Folkehøgskole” with main courses in international politics and relations, Kristin wanted to come to Belgrade and see how the world politics works from another perspective. For a two-week time, she had a chance to get to know how an Embassy operates inside. This included: joint morning meetings of all staff, administrative routines, project-related work, as well as media and communication activities.

This is in line with the pedagogical methods her school is applying – a practical approach to learning with students as active participants in the process. “Through projects, lectures, dialogues and study trips we learn about the world and throughout the year we are taught about different conflicts and situations that occur and also about peacebuilding, peacekeeping and human rights,” says the 19-year old student.

She admits that she has always been interested in the world politics and different cultures and thus chose the UN course as the main one to deepen her understanding of it all. Besides the Embassy work, Kristin is happy for getting a chance to have an insight into the Serbian culture and political system and this will also be something she will take with her when choosing her studies and deciding on her career.

However, this was not her first touch with the Serbian culture. Prior to coming to Belgrade, she made friends with two Serbians – Andjela and Milica – who are now on an exchange year programme in Kristin’s Folkehøgskole, in a small Norwegian town of Moelv. This friendship is like a two-way street with Andjela and Milica practicing Norwegian and learning more about Norwegians and Kristin getting to know more about Serbians.

After getting most what she could in two weeks, Kristin hopes to get back to Belgrade again.