In KC Grad, on Wednesday, 29 November, the Embassy will organise a Dialogue Club in cooperation with Creative Mentorship. The participants from Sweden are Helene Larsson Pousette, Gunilla Kindstrand and Linda Skogsby as well as the Deputy Head of Mission, Mr Joachim Waern. They will discuss media, responsibilities, the participation of new generations in the creation of a public opinion and the future of  the society.

A series of debates called the ZEITGEISTER will be held in the Yugoslav Film Archive, on December 4 and 5, in coperation with the NGO  Krokodil. The topics of the debates will relate to the past, the present and the future. The Ambassador of Sweden will participate as a debater discussing the impact of the history on the formation of the identity, on literature and on Europe together with the historian Dubravka Stojanovic. The Swedish author Gellert Tamas and dramatist Biljana Srbljanovic will debate on the same topic, but from the perspective of the present. The future will be discussed by the Swedish actress and writer Shima Niavarani and Filip Balunovic from Serbia who will talk about topics related to identities, literature and Europe in the future.

During the festival “Swedish Cult Films – The Spirit of Time”, which will be held in the Yugoslav Film Archive, from 7-December the Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to see some of the most important Swedish film achievements. The films were chosen thematically and for having left a strong trace in the Swedish film heritage,  equally strong as some Serbian films like “Banovic Strahinja” and “Seobe” have left in the Serbian film heritage. At the same time, a photo exhibition will be displayed at the Yugoslav Film Archive, of photographs from the Swedish State Archives, showing the relations between Serbia and Sweden through the past century. The author of the exhibition is a Swedish historian of Serbian descent Mr Duško Topalović who has curated this exhibition which will give an opportunity to the Serbian audience to become acquainted with the centennial of diplomatic cooperation of the two countries.

The winter holiday of St. Lucia, which the Swedes celebrate in the glory of the sunlight during the cold and dark winter nights, will be marked on Monday, December 11, in the city center, where the Embassy will be serving cooked wine (glögg) with gingerbread cookies along with the sounds of Christmas music. The same evening, the Embassy of Sweden organizes the celebration of St. Lucia in the Yugoslav Film Archive hosting a choir that will sing Swedish traditional songs.

This jubilee called “SwedishSerbian 100” that marks an entire century of continuous friendship, will also be a suitable beginning of the second century of successful cooperation between Serbia and Sweden.

For more information, contact Vesna Glisic, media consultant of the Embassy of Swedenon [email protected]