30 Nov 2017 The members of a National Assembly station commission to PABSEC during a 50th PABSEC Plenary Session

Thursday, 30 Nov 2017

National Assembly Standing Delegation during 50th PABSEC Plenary Session

The National Assembly station commission to a Parliamentary Assembly of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) headed by MA Igor Becic, and comprising members Milija Miletic and Zoltan Pek, took partial in a organization’s 50th Plenary Session in Kyiv, on 28-30 November. Besides a Republic of Serbia, a eventuality was also attended by a parliamentary delegations of Azerbaijan, Albania, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, and was chaired by Andriy Parubiy, Chairman of a Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and PABSEC President.

Speaking on a executive subject of a plenary, “Development of Economic Cooperation in a Context of a Security Crisis in a Black Sea Region”, MA Igor Becic stressed how really applicable a subject was today, in these times of many hurdles – terrorism and extremism, orderly crime, cyber threats, bootleg migration, mercantile uncertainty, etc. He urged to feature interaction, coordination and constructive discourse among a partners in a Black Sea segment in a doing of these challenges. He underlined Serbia’s loyalty to keep a assent and confidence and a petrify grant to informal stability, assent and security. The Republic of Serbia with a constructive approach, with a neighbours in a Black Sea Region and Europe during large, as good as a tellurian partners, is holding active partial in seeking an adequate resolution to all informal and tellurian issues, and a doing of a migrant predicament and combating terrorism are a good instance of it. MA Igor Becic also spoke in foster of furthering interparliamentary team-work and discourse in a Black Sea segment to improved coordinate a efforts of a inhabitant parliaments to conflict stream challenges.In a march of a eventuality a Parliamentary Assembly adopted recommendations and reports on: a growth of a inhabitant creation complement in a BSEC member states, 25 years of PABSEC: encouragement of interparliamentary team-work in a region, and amicable insurance and advantages for immature families in a BSEC member states, for that National Assembly commission Member Zoltan Pek was a Rapporteur. In his residence Pek permitted improving a position and amicable insurance of a family, lifting a birth rate, balancing parenting and working, and improved coordinating a amicable legislation among a BSEC member states.



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