(Last Updated On: October 20, 2020)

The public health system is within the competence of the Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Health and Environmental Protection, while only a part of the affairs is conducted by the City Secretariat for Public Health.

There are 59 health institutions in Belgrade: 16 health centers, 4 clinical-hospital centers, 3 specialized hospitals, 5 clinics, 1 clinical center, 14 institutes with stationary care, 12 institutes without stationary care, 3 public health institutes and Pharmaceutical Institution “Beograd” with 100 pharmacies. Stationary health institutions have the total of 12,035 standard patient’s beds.

There is also a great number of private pharmacies, doctors and clinics.

Nemanjina 22-26, tel. 361-3734


Pasterova 2, 3618-444, 3617-777

Emergency Center, Pasterova 2
Clinical Centre Polyclinic, Višegradska 26Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases, Dr. Koste Todorovića 8, 3610-717
Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Bulevar oslobođenja 16, 683-366
Institute for Neurosurgery, Dr. Koste Todorovića 4, 3618-444
Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Disease, Dr Subotica 13, 3616-317
Institute of Hematology, Dr. Koste Todorovića 2, 3617-777
Institute of Allergology and Immunology, Dr. Koste Todorovića 2, 3617-777
Institute of Psychiatry, Pasterova 2, 3618-444
Institute of Neurology, Dr Subotica 6, 3614-122
Institute of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis, Dr. Koste Todorovića 26, 3617-777
Institute of Digestive System Diseases, Dr. Koste Todorovića 6, 3610-715
Institute of Urology and Nephrology, Resavska 51, 658-956
Institute for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dr. Koste Todorovića 26, 3617-777
Institute of Dermatovenerology, Pasterova 2, 3618-444
Institute of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Dr. Koste Todorovića 26, 3617-777
Center for Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Zvecanska 9, 647-766
Institute of Occupational Medicine and Radiological Protection, Deligradska 29, 3615-079
Institute of Eye Diseases, Pasterova 2, 3618-444
Institute for Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pasterova 2, 3618-444
Institute for Anesthesia and Reanimation, Pasterova 2, 3618-444
Institute of Radiology, Dr Subotica 13, 3613-609
Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Višegradska 26, 3617-777
Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Višegradska 26, 3617-777
Center for magnetic resonance, Pasterova 2, 3617-777
Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pasterova 2, 3618-444

KBC “Zvezdara”, Dimitrija Tucovića 161, 3810-969, www.kbczvezdara.rs
KBC “Zemun”, Zemun, Vukova 9, 3772-666, www.kbczemun.rs
KBC “Dr Dragiša Mišović”, Heroja Milana Tepića 1, 2667-122, www.dragisamisovic.bg.ac.rs
KBC “Bežanijska kosa”, Zemun, Bežanijska kosa bb, 3010-777, www.bkosa.rs

Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović”, Sokobanjska 13, 2660-755, www.rehabilitacija.rs
Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth, Dr Subotić 6a, 2658-355
University Children’s Clinic, Tirsova 10, 2060-600, www.tirsova.rs
Gynecology and Obstetric Clinic “Narodni Front”, Kraljica Natalije 62, 2068-250, www.gakfront.org

Special Hospital “Sveti Sava”, Nemanjina 2, 2066-800, www.svetisava.rs
Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases “Dr Laza Lazarevic”, Višegradska 26, 3636-400, www.lazalazarevic.rs
Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology, Sokobanjska 17a, 2667-755, www.sbcprn.com
Special Hospital for Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Prosthetics, Bulevar vojvode Putnika 7, 2650-246, www.zop.rs
Special Hospital for Addictions, Teodora Drajzer 44, 3671-429, www.drajzerova.org.rs
Special Hospital for Internal Diseases, Mladenovac, Vojvode Misica 2, 8231-988, www.sbib.rs
Special hospital for endemic nephropathy, Lazarevac, Djordja Kovacevica 27, 8120-164, www.nefropatijalaz.org.rs

City Emergency Medical Assistance Office, Bul. Franche D’Epirus 5, tel. 194, 3615-001, 3614-690, www.beograd94.rs
City Public Health Institute, Bul. Despot Stefan 54a, 2078-600, www.zdravlje.org.rs
City Institute for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis, Preševska 35, tel. 3811-800, www.bolestipluca.org.rs
City Institute for Skin and Venereal Diseases, George Washington, 17, 3249-192, www.kvb.org.rs
City Institute for Gerontology, Kralja Milutina 52 / I, 2067-800, www.gerontology.co.rs
Institute for Health Protection of Students, Krunska 57, tel. 2433-488, www.zzzzsbg.rs
Institute for Biocides and Medical Ecology, Trebevicka 16, 3054-000, www.biocidi.org.rs
Institute for Health Protection of MUP workers, Durmitorska 9, 3615-665, www.zzzzmup.rs
Institute of Pharmacy of Serbia, Vojvode Stepe 458, 3986-748
Institute for Psychophysiological Disorders and Speech Pathology, Kralja Milutina 52, 2681-667, www.zgp.org.rs

Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović – Batut”, Dr Subotića 5, 2684-566, www.batut.org.rs
Institute for Blood Transfusion of Serbia, Svetog Save 39, 2442-651, www.nbti.org.rs
Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums “Torlak”, Vojvode Stepe 458, 3953-700, www.torlakinstitut.com
Institute of Neonatology, Kralja Milutina 50, 3630-101, www.neonatologija.rs
Institute of Orthopedic and Surgical Diseases “Banjica”, Mihajla Avramovića 28, 6660-466, www.iohbb.edu.rs
Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Dedinje”, Heroja Milana Tepića 1, 3601-701, www.ikvbd.com
Institute for Health Care of Mother and Child of Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic”, Novi Beograd, Radoja Dakica 6-8, 3108-108, www.imd.org.rs
Institute for Mental Health, Palmotićeva 37, 3307-500, www.imh.org.rs
Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Pasterova 14, 2067-100, www.ncrc.ac.rs
Institute for Rheumatology, Resavska 69, 3600-800, www.reumatologija.org.rs
Institute for Rehabilitation, Sokobanjska 17, 2660-266, www.rehabilitacija.com

Military Medical Academy, Crnotravska 17, 2662-755, www.vma.mod.gov.rs